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Cal Poly just joined IL State, Albany, and TN-Chattanooga in pulling the plug on the remainder of the spring season, citing a slew of injuries making play "unsafe." This is causing angst among fans at other schools. While I understand that angst, throwing labels like "quitters" around and labeling programs as "folding" is counterproductive IMO, as a program truly folding, a la UOP in 1995, would land them in I-AAA land, and all of these programs clearly plan on returning in the fall.

Personally, I would have considered the possibility of playing both ways and exploring the Vanderbilt route (i.e. recruiting mid-season from the student body) before resorting to the "nuclear option," but I can understand an administrator's quandry.
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Poly would've only had 49 available players, supposedly that's below what the Big Sky will allow as a minimum to play. In hindsight, Coach Taylor could end up looking like a genius for holding us out of the spring season and getting the boys ready for fall.
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Coach Taylor looks like a genius already! This whole spring football, pushing back start dates, canceling, rescheduling to try to make it happen is ridiculous. Face the facts, we are just beginning to see the light coming out of a pandemic, let's wait, get back to a more normal situation by the fall and reset. What does going through the motions of playing a short, meaningless season without some of the better teams playing prove?
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