Another Tribune Article on Ed - Huge Red Flags

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This is a cluster F. If Dunn has any integrity he would fire coach tomorrow, but we know that's not going to happen. There are major culture issues within the program that will need to be addressed to save any respect the school has within its football program.

The biggest takeaways:
- Financial mismanagement of scholarship money for several players, a potential NCAA violation.
- The coach Baldwin fiasco/lie that was told to fans was that he retired (we all know he didn't "retire") but was one of the few coaches with respect but was also not a "yes" man to coach Ed, thus was fired and then Max was hired. A coach with zero experience.
- Failure to communicate. Players claim ED does NOT indeed have an open-door policy, and is exact opposite of the previous coaching staff.
- Failure to prepare for games. Hardly any notes on upcoming games, game film, etc.
- Favoritism/nepotism. Favoritism towards FBS drop downs, and coaches kids.

Well, 40% of the roster needs to be replaced, that's all that needs to be said. He does not know how to be a D1 coach. Dunn should be held responsible as well. ... cusations/
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Brady Hull has a good breakdown of the article if you have a paywall. Is coach Ed's job really in jeopardy?
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It seems to me it's just a bunch of guys that were starters or intrenched players on a losing program that got replaced by better players and are now upset about losing their spot. I get that, but why stoop to bad mouthing the program and just move on to some other program. Looks like most of these transfers are moving down or nowhere. A couple are moving up to a higher level which is a positive showing that they had a chance to grow and prove they belonged at a higher level. Just like our coaches who move up when they prove they are ready for the next higher level and some of them move down in the case of some of the less successfull.
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