Mind Blown - Welcome Ed McCaffrey

Bear football talk while we watch Ed McCaffrey restore the glory of UNC football
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Brian wrote:
Wed Dec 18, 2019 4:58 am
I agree, while there wasn't a lot of hard information shared it was really good to hear how involved Ed is going to be in all aspects of the sports program. I did find it interesting that he mentioned how many coaches have reached out to him looking for jobs (no less than 150). While the number may be hyperbolic, it goes to show how respected he is and it's really freaking exciting. It also sounds like he will keep some of the current staff which I think would be a good thing.

I doubt that this is hyperbole. And I'd bet that number will grow. How many of them have the qualifications that you'd want, or fit what CEM wants to do is a different matter.
But I'd rather he have 150 to choose from than 15.

I'd love for one of his NFL buddies to be on staff even if they're just the place holders coach. Imagine two coaches going into a house to recruit a kid while wearing 5 Super Bowl rings between them.
Hell, I've got eligibility left.

I can't wait to see what attendance is like next season. I think we averaged around 4,500 this season. Bigger crowds and the money they bring would be a huge boon to the program.
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Beardown wrote:
Thu Dec 12, 2019 7:35 pm
I'm still skeptical until I see who his coaching staff is. I would like to see a number of guys like English, Armour, and Matthews stick around. McCaffrey is a big name, but zero coaching credibility so far.
Why would anyone want Armour to stick around?
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I would love to see Ed bring our former Bears that made it (Vincent, Reed etc..) into the fold. Not sure how hard the previous football programs tried to get them back but it would be good to have them involved (not as coaches but as high profile cheerleaders for the program for recruiting and support in the community).
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