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Hard to judge the game against Gonzaga. Gonzaga potentially has 2-3 nba prospects, big guards. Bengals were outplayed, but they were also -29.5 underdogs prior to the game.

Boise state - good win, good come back, crucial shots towards the end that helped them make the come back. Boise should have blown open that game when they were up double digits, but like the bengals have suffered from poor coaching in the past, and have lost games ( e.g pacific), Boise got stagnant , and got cold.

Pacific- should have beaten this team, why did they stick to the zone for that long? Why did some of the players get 30+ minutes with absolutely no production, especially in the second half.

Elephant (s) in the room- why is a (freshman) coming off a mission (meaning he has not played competitive basketball), playing more minutes than someone like Gary (who has been misused). He has proved himself throughout the years. (Chivichyan) surely deserves more minutes and game time.we have seen him as a scorer and can score in bunches. There is no reason why certain players on the squad should be getting more minutes. That needs to be sorted out. Bench was outscored, outplayed. Balint and Jared were off in the second half. There are no Cinderella kids on this team, but Evans, as he has in the past , treats it as if there are. His jobs in jeopardy. He needs to play his BEST players.

Substitutions are darn awful- Evans has lost Isu multiple games in the past because of this reason; having wrong players on the court at the wrong time. E.g- yesterday, down 5, Evans opts to keep TWO non shooters on the court when there were 20 seconds left. This has been the reason for many losses in close games since 2012. Stats do NOT LIE.

Truth serum- this is Evans last year, there is a new AD, and normally from previous experiences, new AD’s like bringing in their own people. If he does not sure up this talented squad , and play his best players, but continues to put players on the court that offer absolutely nothing; the AD will have absolutely no reason to bring him back.

ISU should have beaten Pacific by double digits; must improve rebounding, bench production. I think this team can compete in the top 4 in the big sky, if Evans starts playing the right combination of players.I just left the Montana game, and they should be clear favorites in the big sky. Strong team, good offensive scheme, plays good defense.

Players who have left ISU- are all doing very well, is this a coincidence?
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My thoughts exactly and it has been frustrating to watch. I can see why McCord left, surprised Gary hasn't. Didn't understand the logic in Nakken being the first sub off the bench last year, when you had Gary or McCord to pick from. Like I said totally frustrating to watch.
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I like Bill Evans as he is friendly and a gentleman from what I've experienced in limited interactions with him.
However, as far as his coaching style and subbing goes....I believe he may have trouble figuring out how to sub a house salad for fries with his burger at Applebee's.
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The only reason i can think of having Smellie play as much as he did is just for the reason you state as to why he should not play, lack of experience. If Evans truely feels he can be a solid contributor this year during conference play Smellie needs to get that experience. Also Evans may believe Smellie is a more complete player on both sides of the ball compared to Gary. Many things can go into it.
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I believe Evans is still trying to see what players we'll help the during conference play, it's great to win non-conference games BUT BETTER to win Conference.
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This is a Sac State fan's thoughts about Chivichyan....Play him against every one except us....he beat us all by himself last year at The Nest....he was 8-11 from beyond the arc....I wouldn't care if he played any defense or not, he can fill the bucket up on the other end....Please leave him home when you visit The Nest this year.....
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Gary was 6 for 9 from 3 tonight in the win over Bethesda. ISU made a school record 19 treys (out of 45 attempts). This is going to be a fun team to watch. They have a lot of work to do rebounding wise and on defense, but they are going to score some points.
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Oh...I forgot to add this....it took Ian Fox 4 years to hit a three in Pocatello.....
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sacstateman wrote: Mon Nov 19, 2018 10:48 pm Oh...I forgot to add this....it took Ian Fox 4 years to hit a three in Pocatello.....
It’s unfortunate what has happened to him, but since his redondo days, never saw him as a applicable D1 player. A lot of people to blame.
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I noticed a planned rotation today? Yes it was against Bethesda, but would not mind watching this sort of rotation for this ISU squad. I am not saying play 12 players, but a solid 8-9 that can average 15+ will be ideal for a team that is reliant on the jumpshot, the three and etc. let the shooters shoot.
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If we improve just a bit at rebounding, especially on the defensive end, this could be a very dangerous team in the Big Sky. I like our chances going forward. This team will be quite entertaining and can go for 90+ on any given night.
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