Game Day - Cal Poly, Collins Last Game?

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Good for the seniors to have a chance at W in their last home game of the season. There are some good one's like Knipp, Luke Nelson, Noel Reid. I hope they end their careers with a W.

Could this be Collins last game? I don't think so, I think his buy out is too much $$$ for a school that is broke. I do think there might be more changes on the staff if he stays.
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He cant stay for any reason . All this losing year after year has taken its toll . Fan apathy is at an all time low. This year after year of doing nothing by the powers that be is contributing to poor recruiting, less donations and it is hurting the entire athletic program. Do something dammit . We are on the wrong fricking track !
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This game may be the worst of them all. Give up 21 unanswered to a previous 2-9 team in the 4th and late 3rd.
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But nothing will change...
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Dejavu? This seems to be the same thread that end every season and nothing seems to change. I wish there was a more organized effort by the students to for the change (like a boycott or walkout after the 1st quarter).
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“Northern Colorado (FCS): Update — We understand our information on Earnest Collins is premature. The football banquet is later today so stay tuned.”
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