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A disappointing season to say the least thus far. The Bears have lost four of the past six games and now sit in the bottom half of the BS Conference in 7th place, 7-9 (Conference) & 11-14 (Overall). Most likely, the Bears will finish the season with their first losing record since 2015-2016.

I look no further than Coach Jenny Huth getting out coached in every aspect. Coach Huth has allowed this team to lose numerous winnable games throughout the season. The most notable and telling losses are the home loss to a 1-16 Weber State team, a double digit home loss in OT to Southern Utah (how do you get beat by double digits in OT?) and blowing a late second half lead to N. Arizona at home.

The Bears have not won back to back conference games all year. Seriously?

Furthermore, Coach Huth runs her starting five into the ground in nearly every game, with the majority of them averaging almost thirty minutes a game. Why can't we finish games? My guess would be that the players on the court have their tongues dragging on the floor in the middle of the 4th quarter.

Northern Colorado Athletic Director Darren Dunn has done a good job hiring coaches during his tenure (Etheridge WBB, Nickerson WRST, McCaffery FB, Linder MBB). At this rate, Coach Huth will be the first regrettable hire of Mr. Dunn's tenure....
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Could it also be that we have a younger team that needs time? Our top 3 points scorers consist of 2 Freshman and a Junior (and of our top 5 scorers, only 1 is a Senior).
She did have a really good 1st year and was part of a very successful UCLA program so I would tend to give her the benefit of the doubt for a few years.

It is tough to see though, since I think our women's basketball and volleyball teams have been the most consistent programs since we moved to D-I.
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I agree, some of it is the youth of the team but they have way more talent than what their record shows.

Last year, Coach Huth came into a great situation and had arguably the programs best ever player (Savannah Smith) in the line-up night in and night out. This year, with a younger squad and no Smith, Coach Huth has been forced to "coach" a lot more and it hasn't been good.

I am excited about this Freshman class, especially Alisha Davis. Davis will mostly likely win BS Freshman of the year and it's scary to think how good she might be as a Senior.
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