What's with player leaving basketball team?

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Anyone know why Kadie Deaton is no longer a Bear basketball player? I really liked the energy she had and thought she would be a great player down the road for the lady Bears. I hope it was not a personality conflict with the coach and each made an impulse decision to part ways. Hope it all works out for her and the Bear team.
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I've been told that Deaton and Coach Huth had "personal issues" and it was mutually agreed upon that Deaton would leave the team.

This is the second player to leave the team due to "personal issues" with Coach Huth. The other player left at the end of last year and has transferred to Washington State.

One of Coach Huth's top assistants recently announced she would be leaving the program as well.

There is a ton of noise going on in the offices of the BOC regarding the women's basketball program right now. I'll just say it's not good noise....
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And now Coach Huth is gone. Not surprising.
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Interesting that she resigned. Do you think it was a "resign or your fired" thing? Our women's basketball and volleyball programs have been our most consistent D1 programs so I hate to see one of them falling apart at the seems from seemingly self inflicted wounds.
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Any scoop on why Coach Huth resigned ? Kind of shocked .
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This is just my personal speculation but I do believe it was a resign or be fired situation. With the amount of "issues" Coach Huth had in her short time, I think this was probably the best solution for both parties.
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