2022 Spring Football

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Do any of you local Greeley people ever check out the Spring football progress? We don't get much information other than a photo or two on facebook or twitter. I am curious how the new quarterbacks look especially the transfer Jacob Sirmon. I see he was a 4 star recruit that played at Washington and then Central Michigan. He can't be too bad with that history. It would be nice if some of you local football fans could give us out of towners some information on what you see. Some of the schools even have videos of their Spring games.
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Really no reason not to make our Spring game available online. That being said, maybe it's not worth it if only 5 people would watch.
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They stream the baseball games on youtube so it should be pretty easy to stream the spring game also.
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Never mind, we got 1:21 seconds of highlights! Way to build interest... this is a fuckin' rudderless ship at this point...
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