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Hello Sac State fans!

First of all, let me introduce myself and congratulate you all on such a damned good season. I swear I never saw this coming and Troy Taylor WILL be receiving my 1st place vote for the Eddie Robinson Award this week in the STATS award voting. Will be Tweeting that out Saturday night. HANDS DOWN no brainer this year, and the crazy thing is there are so many good candidates.

Secondly -- Sac State diehards, we'd love to connect with you ... HERO Sports would love to have you diehards fill out an FCS Playoff Bracket and participate in our annual contest.

You can screengrab your FCS bracket and shoot it to me via email ([email protected]) or via DM on Twitter (I'm @BrianMacWriter).

Look, you guys are a big-time player in this year's postseason. A big-time seed. I really hope we can get some Sac State fans to join in the Dec-Jan craziness. Why can't we have a "Big Dance" equivalent to March Madness? Answer? Why can't we?

We hope to connect with you via Twitter, etc.

Congrats on a big year. And a special shout out to a top-notch recruiter I've known for years, Coach Kee (Cherokee Valeria).

Brian McLaughlin, FCS National Coordinator - HERO Sports
The FCS is the No. 1 level for college football, hands down. Please hit me up any time on Twitter @BrianMacWriter or via email ([email protected]). Also on Facebook (
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