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I am a little surprised at how little chatter there has been on this board about the success of Bengal Softball this year given the popularity of the sport over the last several home games last season. Nineteen wins against twelve losses is really good given that none of those wins have come at home. Both hitting and pitching are much improved and some of the young players are really playing well. Home games start soon so let's hope for good crowds and a lot of further success.
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There may be a couple of factors in this.

The men's and women's basketball seasons are still going on when softball starts in February.
As you said all the games are on the road because of the weather so know one can actually see anything.
Plus with no TV or radio coverage at least from the road it's hard to generate any enthusiasm.

I'm sure things will pick up once the team starts playing home games and when (or is it if??? LOL) the weather ever gets good.

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